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On paper, our business is defned to be bodywork, but aside, we do compare it with art, with design, and with fashion. It bears litle traces of everything, and we comprise a meaning of each and every feld. Therefore, we may call our work; minibus design, art, fashion. The power of design’s creatvity inspires us. We re-shape your car, and create a special design just for you. As occasion demands, we provide unique designs to our customers. We produce special solutons. Moreover, we also facilitate transportaton for disabled people by shaping for their easy use. We actually are, the re-manufacturing process for a bus, that comes right out of the factory. We produce, from the very beginning – only for you. During all these processes ; our frst aim is to provide quality and comfort together in our all buses. With many years experience we are one of the sector’s leading company with all new future projectons. We proudly present our trade name as ‘ILES BUS’ believing always renovaton and upgrading, will bring more success, improved quality, and customer satsfacton. We also completed certfcaton process and have our type approval for Iles Design buses, and accesible buses.

Our job is to reinterpret the existng one with our innovatve perspectve, and our design and functonality approach.

Our most valuable guide in this process is the expectatons and needs of our customers. The vehicles we reinterpret with a magic touch in accordance with the requests of our customers turn into an innovatve ikon which ofers both a functonal beneft and carries aesthetc values. It ideally meets the requirements of the area of use and always makes a diference.