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Each vehicle produced at the factory is a part of repetitively produced series of mass products

We give our vehicles the value they deserve, the confidence they should bear, and the character they need. Each part we use, each screw we tighten and every drop of paint we spray serves an enormous purpose. It is because we shape the spirit of the vehicle you dream of. And, every soul in the universe is unique.

Additionally, we gather EU Type Approvals for all kinds of Ilesbus vehicles. We proudly put ourselves in a position to be first in the market with our quick actions on certifying our special designs. Ilesbus R&D engineers ensure our designs to qualify with necessary documentation for our clients to prevent any obstacles.


The foundation of our business is functionality.

The main purpose of our job is to transform them into a more functional and more effectively used vehicle. More and more…


Or we believe in the power of aesthetic.

In our opinion, every object that is in contact with the human must have its share from elegance and aesthetics. Visual perfection is an indispensable element of the vehicles that directly serve people.


Really. We mean, really creative.

It is not for us to only make routine and repetitive things. We love always looking from different perspectives, and finding solutions for every problem with a special sauce that we blended with our creativity.


Every detail is customized for you

Each tool we get from contracted partners is reborn in our hands in accordance with your demands, like a baby… Every detail that will provide benefit for the user experience is carefully planned and skillfully applied.


Not imitating, but being a model.

We are different from the companies that do the same business around the world. Because, we continuously develop our distinctive design, production and application principles. We prefer to be a model instead of copying.


Technology is like air, like water.

We use all the opportunities that the technology offers to all humanity until the end in all the processes of our work. We live and breathe with the technology in order to provide you with the most recent and best service together with our professional staff that is experienced in its field.